How to create an offer?

You can request your quotation by filling in the contact form with the details of the tiles you are looking for, or send us an email via info@webtegel.nl or info@webtegel.be. We will respond to your request within 2 working days.

How long does the offer remain valid?

The offer remains valid for one month from the quotation date. Then a new offer must be requested.



How does an order go?

If a quotation has preceded, it must be sent back to info@webtegel.nl or info@webtegel.be, only then can we process the order. When this has happened, you will receive an order confirmation and this with the details for payment of the deposit by bank transfer. When we have received the advance payment, we order the goods and contact you regarding a possible delivery date.



How is the payment of the order?

Upon confirmation of your order you will receive the order confirmation with the payment details to transfer the advance of 15% on the total amount. This must be done within 10 days, so that we can guarantee the delivery date. If the amount is not transferred in time, the order will be canceled.



How does the delivery work?

When we receive the goods in our warehouse, they are checked and prepared for external transport. When transport is requested before 12 o'clock on day A, delivery takes place on day B, day C or day D. An exact delivery day can also be requested, but this increases the delivery cost.

How much are the delivery costs?

The delivery costs are calculated according to place and day (if explicitly requested), this is clearly communicated via the offer.

Do you also deliver in other countries?

We currently only supply in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

Where are the tiles delivered at the customer?

In the delivery cost, only horizontal transport is provided on paved surfaces, outside, as close to the house / building as possible. Goods are never placed inside.

The driver does not trade the goods, the goods are simply deposited in a normal place.

The customer is responsible for communicating as much information as possible regarding location, address of unloading and accessibility of heavy transport when placing the order and providing a sufficient and flat unloading place next to the roadway.

What are the delivery times?

The delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks if this is in stock at the supplier. Webtegel has no stock and buys everything directly. The delivery terms are therefore indicated indicatively.



Which tiles are sold via Webtegel?

We only offer ceramic tiles of the highest quality.

How many square meters should I order?

The customer is responsible for the correct transmission of the desired quantity. He/she must take into account 'cutting loss' of 10 to 15%. The amount of 'cutting loss' you need to count depends on the size of the tile. With a tile of size 60/60 it is recommended to add a loss percentage of 10%. With a larger size of tile, it is recommended to add a loss of 15%.

Webtegel is not responsible for when too much or too little is ordered.

When ordering, the quantities are always rounded to full packages. This can vary depending on the brand, size and type of tile.

Can I do a reorder if I have tiles?

Yes, of course, keep in mind that there may be color and / or size difference if this is not of the same tonality / caliber. So order enough.

Do I need to keep the packaging?

It is always recommended to keep the original ceramic tile packaging. The brand, series, tonality, caliber, and the like are mentioned on each box. This is useful for additional orders.

Can I purchase skirting boards from my chosen tiles?

Of course, the availability of corresponding skirting boards can be requested.

Which brands of ceramic tiles can I purchase from Webtegel?

The most current brands are advertised on our website. If the brand you are looking for is not included, we ask you to send an offer request, or to mail your question to info@webtegel.nl or info@webtegel.be. We will answer your e-mail as soon as possible.

Can I order accessories and technical products from Webtegel?

Yes of course. You can go to Webtegel for adhesives, grouts, silicone, building materials, finishing profiles, etc.



Can I return all goods?

As a customer you have the right of withdrawal, this 14 calendar days from the delivery date and this in accordance with the statutory conditions. The goods are paid back within 14 days, but only as from the moment the return goods were received.

The delivery costs for returning the goods are always for the customer.



Do we have warranty on the tiles?

All materials are covered by the usual manufacturer's warranty. In the event that a product is no longer in production, in particular residual stock, tiles will only be exchanged for a comparable and equivalent product.



How do I maintain my tiles?

Tiles are a sustainable product, but you have to maintain them in the right way.

First you have to remove the cement veil and this 2 to 3 weeks after the insertion (Berdy P803). Secondly, you have to clean the floor thoroughly and this in order to remove stubborn stains, layers of grease, oil stains, strong pollution (Berdy Intens Clean). To finish the process, mop again with the weekly maintenance product, this can be used to regularly mop the floor (Berdy Cerasol).

All maintenance products can also be purchased via www.webtegel.nl or www.webtegel.be.

In case of lack of clarity, the general sales conditions can be consulted, or contacted our customer service via info@webtegel.nl or info@webtegel.be